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Tokyo Course: 40 WEEKS
(Part time course)

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour
YogaJaya 300 Hour Accreditation
Baseworks Practice Tier 1 Certification

January - October, 2018


YogaJaya Studio Rental

Baseworks Pop-up Studio

Patrick Oancia and Satoko Horie report to you from Zurich with some info about the Baseworks Pop-Up Studios!

Optimizing health through Yoga

Article by YogaJaya Director
Patrick Oancia

YogaJaya Teacher Training

Over the years of dedicated yoga practice, I have experienced my health go through a variety of fluctuations. This eventually took me into a more sensitive understanding of how to increase, maintain and manipulate all aspects of my overall health condition.


YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training Movie
diversity - knowledge - transformation

YogaJaya Teacher Training

Movie clip on the vision behind the YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training.

Daikanyama / Ebisu YogaJaya Studio

Teacher Training

Yoga at YogaJaya

The underlying principles of yoga provide a real tool to find harmony amongst the many challenges of modern lifestyle. YogaJaya is a Yoga studio that strives to provide an atmosphere that both energizes and motivates our clientele. We wish to build a community that supports individual lifestyles within a nurturing, connected and dynamic environment.


The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  • Promotes the lubrication and stability of the joints, ligaments & tendons

  • Enhances the function of all internal organs

  • Detoxification by the stretching of muscles and toning the lymphatic system

  • Improvement of the digestion, and absorption & assimilation of nutrients

  • Improvement in brain function & toning of the nervous system

  • Improvement of the respiratory and endocrine systems

  • Muscle toning and increased flexibility

The Sanskrit roots

Yoga - Union; specifically, a "yoking" of the self by spiritual discipline, a method of training designed to unite the human spirit with ultimate reality and release a person from the limits of the individual ego.

Jaya - Vanquishes; [from the verbal root ji to conquer] conquering, winning, victorious. As a noun, conquest, victory, hence a favorite proper name, applied to gods and goddesses, the sun, etc.

YogaJaya - Union vanquishes; uniting oneself with ultimate reality as a way of overcoming personal limitations.

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